Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs

The graphic proposal focuses on two main concepts: the abuse in use and administration of antimicrobials and the resistance of viruses/bacteria to antimicrobial drugs, represented by the excess of pills and the massive presence of drug-resistant viruses – and in turn to the scarcity of their effectiveness.
The chromatic range consists of two main colors: red and blue, which correspond to the concept of improvement opportunities or alarm and blue that gives us hygiene and tranquility. The palette is complemented with the black color for the texts of prolonged reading and the white one for texts in high contrast and of fragmented reading. The photographs are proposed in gray to continue with the chromatic concept and integrate better with the proposal and at the same time the shots become closer and more expressive.
Part of the proposal includes the use of simple and highly iconic graphics that will make it possible to provide dynamism and improve the readability of the text.

Project Info

Pan American Health Organization


28 • Aug • 2018


Art Direction, Editorial Design