School health in latin america and the caribbean / Questionnaire

This project consisted of a two-phase campaign that involved four publications/surveys to collect information on the state of school health in different regions of the world. We converted the idea of surveys and the collection of information into a simpler concept” questions and answers” and from there we developed the graphic proposal.
This proposal consists of a series of four strong and geometric icons that symbolize some boxes or spaces where the answers are marked in a survey, these elements make up the main image and are also used on a smaller scale, repeatedly within the publication. An icon has been assignedto each publication of the series, it is shown solved on its cover (representing the answers) and unsolved at the end of the publication (representing the questions), this way we address the duality of the process of a survey.
For the color palette, it is very lively and cheerful, since it seeks to make an analogy with the representative color and life of Latin America and the Caribbean, the area to which the surveys are addressed. Each publication is characterized by a specific color that is used in different percentages within each publication and is combined with the rest of the palette.
Finally, some important questions were extracted from the text that was arranged on a double page, generating a visual rest of the bulk of the content.
The content was developed in English and Spanish.
Project Info

Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)


08 • 08 • 2018


Art Direction, Editorial Design