Cuatro C Brand Design

Cuatro C is a formative game methodology, which integrates four fundamental elements: Create, Connect, Understand and Build (in Spanish the fourth concepts start with a letter c). Our challenge was to combine these fundamental values into a symbol.
For this logo, we focused on the idea of the game, human intelligence and a very important phrase for the client: “what is not seen but it is there“, where the training game is the main premise. In this case, the symbol shows four concentric letters C that intertwine with each other generating a kind of labyrinth, a game characterized by its cognitive stimulus and related to learning abilities. Also, this design is playful by itself, because when reading the image, a rewarding response is obtained: “four-c” a complete meaning of the brand Cuatro C.


Project Info

Cuatro C


11 • 11 • 2018


Art Direction, Branding